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North River Riders Riding Club 


North River Riders (NRR) will do its best to enhance the image of our sport. Also, NRR makes every effort to provide a safe and as enjoyable show, as possible, for all riders and spectators.


2019 Rules


1) In order to participate in an NRR event, for your safety and for club insurance requirements, you must obtain an annual membership or a day pass. You may purchase your membership or pass at the horseshow or event.  (See prices in Rule #13)


2) Appropriate dress must be worn, at all times. (Tack optional, either western or English attire is permitted, boots with a heel, long pants, jeans or breeches, long sleeved collared shirt, helmet or cowboy hat. )


3) All riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. Helmet must meet current standards for equipment designed and manufactured for use while riding horses as established by American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM), British Standard Institute (BSI) and European safety Standards (ESS) while mounted at all times. Riders over the age of 18 are strongly encouraged to wear helmets (for personal safety and  to be a role model to younger exhibitors).


4) Points are accumulated by annual members only. The points are for horse and rider combination. Maximum points are as follows:



1st  - 5 points

2nd  - 4 points

3rd - 3 points

4th - 2 points

5th - 1 point

Points are allocated depending on number of exhibitors per class.



5) To qualify for a year end award, exhibitors must be hold a current paid up annual membership, be a member in good standing and attend three shows during the season.


6) Anyone mounted on the show grounds or event location MUST be a NRR member or  have purchased a day pass.


7) Bats, Crops, spurs, and over unders  are  permitted.  Excessive spurring or cropping or any other abuse of the horse may bring disqualification, at the discretion of the Executive and games convenor.


8) Abusive language, harassment of the Executive, members, volunteers, contestants or show officials, competing under the influence of drugs or alcohol  will result in disqualification and/ or membership may be revoked at the discretion of the Executive.


9) Alcohol consumption is not permitted on show grounds.


10)  Executive decisions are final.  Any discourtesy to the judge, convenor or other executive by a competitor, exhibitor, parent, guardian or coach etc., may result in dismissal of individual. “No Refunds”


11)  Any complaints or concerns can be made in writing to the Executive and will be discussed at the next Executive meeting. All complaints or concerns must be accompanied by a $10.00 administrative fee.


12)  Check NRR Facebook or website ( by 6AM day of show, in case of inclement weather. Show can only be cancelled once started by vote of the Executives members present. If show is cancelled once commenced, points will stand in the last fully run division within a class.  If the October show is cancelled it will not be rescheduled and points will stand as they are.


13 )  2019 Member Fees are as follows;

Family $30.00

Adult $20.00

Youth $10.00

Day pass $5.00 per person (No Points awarded for Day Pass holders. Points will be awarded from date of purchase of full club membership )

An Administration / Timer  fee of $8.00 per participant per show.


Class Fees   $5.00 per class for Lead Line, Pee Wee and Youth                                         plus   $8.00 Timer / Administration Fee per show .     


                    $8.00 per class for Adult , Open and Green Horse Horse                               plus $8.00  Timer / Administration Fee per show.


14)   Speed Events Class List 

Jackpot (when applicable)






15) Divisions:


Lead Line:   Any age.  May not show in any other division.  Lead Line contestants, parents, coach or guardian  must have contact with the Horse/Pony at  all times by a rope attached to either the halter or bridle and must maintain control of the Horse/Pony.

The said Horse/Pony must cross the START line and the FINISH line before the handler or a NO time will be given.

Pee Wee:  Open to any exhibitors 12 years of age or under as of January 1, of current year

Green Horse      A horse in its first year of showing.

A green horse must have NO show record at any recognized association ( ie. OBRA, NBHA, AQHA, APHA etc.). OR a champion title in an affiliated club  ie. Turn N Burn, Beaverton Barrel Racing Club , Rambling Hills, Tottenham, NRR, etc.) .If a show record is proven you will be bumped to the open division and all points will be forfeited. 


Youth:  18 and under as of Jan.1 of current year




Open:       Open to all exhibitors    1D - 3D   


Jack Benny- Open to exhibitors who are 50  years or older as of January 1 of current year.                                                                                                       



 Open Jackpot Barrels  ( when offered)                                                             NORTH RIVER RIDERS BARREL BASH    


1st    $150.00     2nd   $ 75.00      3rd   $ 30.00    4th   $  25.00   5th $  20.00

$20.00 per horse/rider combination

 One run only per horse/rider combination

 Must be a member or day pass member for insurance purposes as per fee schedule

 Administration/ Timer fee $8.00

 No Points

 No Ribbons



16)  Riders have 60 seconds to enter pen and start pattern.  Over 60 seconds will result in disqualification.


17)  Exhibition runs will take place at the beginning of Barrel class. There is no time recorded on these runs. .



18)  Riders who are off pattern during their run may complete the pattern but are not allowed to restart.      


19)  Times of runs will be recorded by electronic timers. In the event of a failure of the electronic timers, the backup time will be taken and recorded  by stopwatch of judge or designate.


20) In the event of a tie in the Jackpot class, payout will be combined . (ie. First place ties = first and second payouts combined and divided equally….second place ties = second and third payout amounts combined and divided equally,   third place ties= third and fourth payout amounts combined and divided equally , etc. )


21) In the event of a tie in Barrels,Flag, Dash, Keyhole, Stake or Poles, times and placement will remain and points will be awarded accordingly.


22) Ribbons will be handed out at the end of each class.


23) A horse/pony may not compete against itself in a Division. 

March 15, 2017 -     Amendments to and clarification of rules will be posted on website (   and North River Riders  Facebook  page.



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