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Welcome to our    2017                              Featured Members Page                                                                    









Karissa-May Gadsby



Hello, my name is Karissa-May, I am 10 years old and my pony is a Welsh/Quarter Horse 9 year old called Priceless (Crunchy - barn name)
Jumping it is my favorite thing to do and I love to ride bareback. 
I love doing everything and am very lucky as Crunchy does it all, he does extreme cowboy, trail riding, Hunter, Jumper and Western.
We are the Peewee Champions of North River Riders for 2017. We are very proud - he is the best pony ever!






Congratulations Kinzlea Gadsby



Hello, my name is Kinzlea and I am 5 years old. My pony is called Princess, she is a 4 year old Gypsy Vanner.

I love trail riding and dressing up my pony when we go to fall fairs. I have attended all the 2017 North River Riders western games shows and think they are very fun. My favourite speed is canter and I'm just learning how to ride alone.



Congratulations Ewan MacPhail 


My name is Ewan   and this is "Jack" my favourite horse. I like to ride around our farm and go to the North River Riders fun shows. At home I help with feeding and taking care of the horses with my family.
I went to the Ontario Saddle Club Youth Team Tournament this year. It was fun and I met new people and learned a lot.




Kaeleigh Farrington




Hi my name is Kaeleigh Farrington. I have been a North River Riders member since 2010 where I started on my horse Storm. Then I got Fred and started picking up a little bit more speed. Currently I run Sizzle and my green horse Cash. This year I was a youth rep for north river riders to help organize a youth team for the Ontario Saddle Club Youth Team Tournament in Paris. Our team had a blast down at the tournament, we made new friends and memories to take home and laugh about. Besides western games I like to participate in Xtreme cowboy races, jumping, vaulting and trail riding.




Amanda Myers











Hi my name is Amanda Myers and I have been riding horses since I was very young and have been showing at the North River riders shows for two years now. I enjoy doing anything with horses and this past weekend showed at the Paris youth tournament, showing in showmanship, and both English and western classes. I absolutely love being around horses and love to share it with friends and family. 

(Amanda placed 4th with Solomon in Hunter Hack at the OSCYTT in Paris .)


JUNE 2017


Lacie Firth


Hi, my name is Lacie and I have just joined the

North River Riders club to try some western

shows. I am also part of the Canadian pony club.

So far it has been a wonderful experience with all the fun yet competitive, well set up races like

dash for cash,pole bending, stake, barrel racing and more. I have been riding since I was four and love the sport. North River Riders shows are a great way to learn techniques and have lots of fun.



MAY 2017


Tamara Steeves

Hi, My name is Tamara Steeves.

I started riding when I was eleven years old, and after two years of English lessons, my great aunt Lori sold an old paint mare named Kentucky Cowgirl to my mother. That was when I started doing western games with North River Riders. 
After Cowgirl started to get too old for speed events, I started riding a quarter horse named Charmed by Tabu, who I call Falcon. Now I’m seventeen years old, I’ve competed all over Ontario, and this July I’m going to Perry Georgia to compete in the NBHA Youth Worlds Competition" .







APRIL 2017

Congratulations Hannah Linn

Hi, my name is Hannah Linn and I am 16 years old. I became a member of the North River Riders Club last year towards the end of the season. As a young girl I showed Black Angus Cattle up until a couple of years ago. I have always known I had a passion for horses so I started riding just over a year ago as I am only a beginner. I started with doing my volunteer hours and working at a farm in Stayner, where I met Nancy Gilpin (whose horse I will be riding this year, Rancher). The North River Riders Club has been very supportive and are always willing to help give new riders tips on how to improve. I am very excited for this season and can’t wait to make new friends!





APRIL 2017

Congratulations Sadie MacPhail



My name is Sadie. I love spending time with horses! I help my mom with feeding and caring for the horses on our farm every day. The barn is one of my favourite places to be ! 
I enjoy trail riding on our farm and going to fall fairs and local shows. This year, I am looking forward to going to the North River Riders Fun Shows this spring and I plan to take my horse Hershey to some Quarter Horse shows. It will be a great summer !









MARCH 2017
Congratulations Lori Howard!

Also a great big THANK YOU to Lori for the donation of a computer to run our Charlie Horse Software.

Hi, my name is Lori and I am 55 years young. As a girl, I rode a Welsh Mountain Pony named Nugget, owned by a friend, and from that day forward I was hooked on horses. My father bought me my own horse Blaze and I rode that mare in Western Gaming Shows, trails and to the local restaurant for lunch, pretty much everywhere. I attended Seneca College for Harness Horse Industry Operations, which took me to BC, where I worked at Cloverdale and Sandown Race tracks and where I met my future husband. I left the horse industry and started my family, but never lost my love of horses. The dream was to purchase enough land to have horses of my own again. My husband is my biggest supporter and helped to make this dream a reality. We moved from BC back to Ontario, found a farm, and now I am enjoying riding again. North River Riders was just what I needed to get me back in the game, and with inspiring members like Doris, I am looking forward to many more years on horseback.














Deborah Sanders-Marais



Hi my name is Deborah and as a young girl my dream was to one day own my own horse. For Christmas 1997 I was given the best gift of all, registration papers for an unborn foal from my boyfriend Andre. A dream come true. On January 18, 1998 I witnessed the birth of my first registered quarter horse, The Full Monty.
As a young gelding, we showed halter and also went to the breeders futurity. At 8 months he was at my wedding. Monty also helped my kids appreciate my love of horses. 
I became a member of the North River Riders this year. We have enjoyed the Diabetes Ride, camping and also are trying out some extreme cowboy. We are most happy just hanging out on the trails and spending as much time as we can together.






Beaujana Simpson



My name is Beaujana Simpson and this is my first year as a member of the NRR.
I have been riding and competing since I was 6. I have ridden both English and Western in my youth, but found my passion in rodeo. I packed up my horses twice and moved to Alberta to experience some of what it has to offer including rodeo and ranch life. I have two horses Newt and Donkey. They are both roping horses. Donkey is my main mount, I use him for roping, cow sorting and the western games. My favorite event to do on him has always been the Breakaway  (women's calf ) Roping. I enjoyed becoming part of the NRR family and am looking forward to the 2017 season. I made a lot of new friends and had some really great times. Hats off to the gang who make it all happen.



Emma Schaper 



Hi my name is Emma Schaper and I am 14 years old. I started riding at Sagebrush Stables under the instruction of Barb Clare-Powell at the age of 8. For the past few years I have been riding Huratio (Huey) and we seem to have a special bond together. Standing at 16-2, he is the biggest horse in Barb’s barn and he needs to wear a helmet on his head while trailering, as you can see in the picture.

I do not compete in any horse shows but this is my second year on the North River Riders Drill Team. This year I participated in the Fun Day that was put on by the North River Riders and had a great time. I really enjoy going on trail rides and had a great day on August 20 2016 at the annual Andersen Trail Ride.






Clare Mullen




Hello, my name is Clare Mullen. I am a photographer specializing in Equestrian photography.

My background is with Arabian horses. Breeding, showing, and training horses at Pinecrest Arabian Ranch. My Arab stallion has countless beautiful offspring, and was my partner in the show ring for many years. Bask Sequel passed away at age 32.


In 2008, we moved to Tennessee. There, I was introduced to the Tennessee Walking Horse, and camping with horses! I explored the southern states on horseback with dear friends Joanna and Carol, of Whiptail farm.

Now residing in Barrie, ON, I have two horses Leo and Shadow. It's been exciting to connect with the horse community in the area, participating in events at Drury farm, and especially to be a member of North River Riders!



Jen Clysdale


Congratulations Jen Clysdale on being our newest featured member.

I have been around horses my whole life, since I grew up on a small farm near Sarnia. After many years of riding hunter/jumpers I decided to switch back to riding western and took up barrel racing. After finding an equine partner, Storm, I began attending North River Riders shows to start barrel racing. I have found North River Riders shows to be very accommodating to beginner level riders, yet because they uphold a high level of professionalism, they are also a good place for more experienced horse and rider teams to go out and compete at.




Danielle Farrell

JULY 2016


Hi, my name is Danielle, I'm 16 years old. I attend school at Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School. I have been riding my whole life and live on a horse farm. The horse you can find me riding at your local North River Riders Horse Club would be Leo. He is one of my first project horses. I have been a member of the NNR for the past 4 years and really enjoy the atmosphere of the club.




Susan Phillips

JUNE 2016


My name is Susan Phillips. I became a member of the North River Riders back when it was Couchiching Trail Riders many years ago. I participated in Halter and Western Pleasure events. It was always a blast!
Today I live in Midhurst and I am happy to say that my best friend is a quarter horse named Chelsea. I was fortunate to purchase this mare almost twenty years ago and we have certainly come along way together. I showed her extensively in halter when she was younger and today you would be able to see us riding through the streets of Midhurst and various trails. Through the many years together this little mare has seen me through the raising of my children and recently the passing of my husband. I cherish my time with Chelsea and I am looking forward to having many adventures with her this summer.




Amie Andersen

MAY 2016


My name is Amie Andersen and I have been an active member of North River Riders on and off since approximately 1993, ( back when it was called CHAPS).  I really enjoyed participating in the western horse shows over the years, my favourite class being trail!  Now that there are fewer western performance shows, and I'm less energetic anyway, I enjoy being in local parades, don't know how much my horse enjoys being dressed up!! Lol!   Drill team last year was quite entertaining as well!  My "career" has changed a bit too.  I went from being a Land Surveyor to Farm Sitter.  Some of my clients have regular hobby farms but one has 7 Newfoundland dogs and another has over half a dozen Clydesdales!!  The photos I've included are of me and my horse Little Girl.  She's been awesome in and out of the show ring!  Hope to see many of you North River Rider members at my annual trail ride, it's August 20th.   Happy trails! ;)




Deb Puddister

APRIL 2016


I have grown to appreciate horses through a lifetime of my own equine experiences that included club shows, breed shows, roping and barrels, running a small boarding stable, trail associations and my time as a groom for Kinghaven Farms at Woodbine Racetrack.

Now that all my parts and pieces are not in such good working order, I try to help out where I can from the ground. I have sat on many executive boards throughout the years including a year as secretary at North River riders and I volunteer my time whenever possible.

Photography is my passion and this will be my 6th year as photographer at the Annual Diabetes Ride, my favorite North River Riders event of the year. I really enjoy capturing the essence of the day with beautiful scenery for such a great cause and I hope to see every one of you out there this year on Sunday June 5, 2016!




Kiera Pegg

MARCH  2016

Hi, my name is Kiera Pegg.
I’ m 8 years old and have been a North River Riders Member for 3 years. I have been riding since I was 2 1/2 and have shown at schooling shows and the Bracebridge fall fair .I have had my own horse for almost 3 years. Her name is Bothwell Manor Allthatglitters,(Royale). I have not shown her but would like to attend the North River Riders horse shows, to gain more experience with my pony and meet new friends and have fun.


THANKS, Kiera and Royale

FEATURED MEMBER   Dorothy Lockrey

MARCH 2016



Congratulations Dorothy Lockrey

Our featured member as well as one of our Lifetime members


 "I have been a member of the North River Riders Horse Club since 1992 when it originally formed and my husband Bill and I joined. The club has grown a lot since then. I had a horse named Echo who I rode for pleasure and in the Diabetes rides until she had to be put down. After that I didn't ride at all. I just helped out to support the cause as my husband was diabetic. I continued to help whenever I could at most of the Diabetes rides for the last 30 years, even after his passing.
I have enjoyed going out watching the drill team when they practiced and performed at the fairs. In 2011, I was presented with a lifetime membership plaque which is proudly on display in my home."


Summer Mitchell


Summer Mitchell


The idea of being in serenity lures me closer. The knowledge of familiarity. The lesson within a moment. The connection between two beings. The fear of mistakes, but the excitement of correction. The forgiveness. The trust. The commitment. The dedication. The honesty. The enchantment. The two is now one, and all the little moments that create memories, smiles, and a friend. This is why I ride. This is why I train. This is why I give it my all. This is why I care. This is why I love. This is why I have horses.
My name is Summer and I have been a member of the North River Riders since 2010, I participate in all the western gaming classes, and fun shows




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