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North River Riders is a multi-disciplinary equestrian club committed to promoting safe and enjoyable equestrian sports for people of all ages.  With diverse membership from show, trail, gaming, recreational and other equestrian pursuits, North River Riders is a volunteer-based club which sponsors shows, trail rides, fundraisers, educational clinics and social events through the year.






February , 2017
Dear Friends,

 Hello and Happy New Year from North River Riders Horse Club based in Simcoe County!

As spring is just around the corner, we are busy getting our event and show schedule ready for our 2017 Show Season. We are excited for all the things to come and we are hoping that we will be blessed with good weather as we were for 2016.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to safe, family orientated, horse related activities. Our club is made up of many devoted members and volunteers who take pride in our chosen sport. 2016 membership reached 155 members and we expect that number to increase this year as we are offering exciting and varied activities. We have many upcoming events that the whole family can enjoy and spectators are always free ! !  Our events include horse shows, tack swap, clinics, trail rides, drill team presentations, and participation in community events (winter carnival, parades, food drives, fall fairs ).

At this time, we are asking for support of our club with a donation towards this year’s annual Sponsorship Drive. Caring individuals and businesses such as yourself make it possible for us to keep producing quality horse shows and equine events that are affordable to all members of the horse community and most importantly, our younger riders. Some of the ways your donation will help us is to provide monthly and year-end awards for riders, upkeep and maintenance of show grounds, and opportunities to provide lifelong learning for all ages of riders (ie clinics).

Your donation can be in the form of product, service or cash. Sponsors will be recognized on our website, logos/business cards are posted at all club events along with announcements of sponsors' names. 

Thank you and all the best in 2017 and we look forward to seeing you at some events this year! 


Barb Clare-Powell, President








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