2022 Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program 

Post Racing Bonus results are IN!!! So excited!
Congratulations to all who participated and a big thanks to the Ontario Racing for such a great program that we are able to offer to our riders!
We had 4 riders participate this year and vie for a piece of the $17122.19 that was paid out. Congratulations to all as the point pay out was a whopping $11.56 dollar value per point and 2 of our members reached to max payout of $1500.00 with also participating in NBHA, OBRA and TNB! Great job ladies! Hope to see many more years that NRR can provide and participate in the great program!
Thank you to Crista Farrington for being the club liason to the Development Program.

 Caraways Luv N Fame  

We purchased Caraways Luv N Fame aka Luvy from Carol and Wayne Proctor when she was 4 years old. She is now 11 turning 12 in the new year. Sire Sycamore Lane and Dam Caraways Luv N Stuff.                                               Luvy was my first experience ever with riding and training an ex-race horse. After a delayed start to her training due to injury that was not her fault and a trailer accident that could have cost her everything. She recovered and we began our journey. Luvy is a very special girl. When I was first introduced to her Carol told me about some of her quirks,  head shyness and anxiety. Carol showed me what to expect with how she reacts to people touching her around the head and ears. Once I was given the okay to check her out,  something amazing happened. She bonded to me almost instantly. She let me touch,  pet and play with her all over without much issue. Luvy was the mare that many overlooked because of her quirks. That didn't stop me from taking a chance on her.                                                                                                                                            I took my time with her. Each year we set different goals so we always had something to aim for. This girl has turned out to be one of the best horses we have ever owned. I remember as a youth crying my eyes out while riding my amazing mare Zip,  who was a 3D horse. I was crying because I felt I would never own or ride a horse that could possibly be a 1D or 2D contender. Well it took many years but Luvy has turned into that unicorn. My first glimpse at what she could do was a show at Paris the first year of covid and Luvy placed 5th in the 2D. The tears returned...but they were tears of joy. 


Since that show we have manged to place in the 1D at local shows, she has run the fastest time of the day,  she won a jackpot and she just keeps getting better. Currently in 2022 at a show in June she took a bad trip at the top pole in the pole bending class. This resulted in an early end to our season. Luvy has been on the mend since June and her recocery is promising. She is back to her sassy self and no signs of sorness in her knee. Hopefully 2023 will be a great year and we will be back competing with NRR,  TnB and NBHA.    Since this recent injury and the uncertainty of this injury,  my family and I reached out again to Carol Proctor. So,  Luvy now has big shoes to fill. She has her 4 year old half-sister Caraways Jenny Lane(Jinx) that she needs to show the ropes too. Another future post-racing mare with so much potential. The future is bright with these two. 

 Dayle Osborne 



Ontario’s Quarter Horse Racing Industry

Development Program (QHRIDP)

Post Racing Incentive Program is designed  to support the market for Quarter Horses at the end of their racing career in Ontario,by encouraging people to purchase retired racehorses for participation in horse sport.


This provides added value for horses who have raced in Ontario at Ajax Downs or Fort Erie Race Track, by creating an incentive for people to buy racehorses at the end of their racing career and re-train them for use in horse sport. 


Horses registered in the program and participating in the speed events of barrel racing and pole bending at selected venues are eligible for a points-based share of a $20,000 Post Racing Bonus.

The program, in its thirteenth  year, awards owners of former Ajax Downs racehorses who show their horses competitively in Ontario with an annual monetary bonus; a share of the $20,000 available for participating horses.




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message Crista Farrington  cristaf@on.aibn.com    
or please visit 


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