2018 Year End Results                      CONGRATULATIONS                          TO ALL OUR 2018                                 EXHIBITORS

Lead Line:  Reese Bakker-Hopkins (Wild Bill, Diana & Josie)


Pee Wee:

 HP:  Lacie Firth - Houdini

 Reserve:  Kya Lafreniere - DiVinci



 HP:  Kaeleigh Farrington - Holly Cash Heat

Reserve:  Tamara Steeves - Charmed by Tabu


Green Horse:

 HP:  Arista Lyman -  Moonshine Kisses

Reserve:  Crista Farrington - I'm a Driftin Tango


Jack Benny:

 Doreen Clydesdale  HP                                                                                                   Reserve – tie -Janet Fazackerley  & Lori Howard



 HP:  Sarah Winfield - Jasmine's Blue Diamond

Reserve:  Kaeleigh Farrington - Cash it in Here



 HP:  Whitney Hazlett - Princess

Reserve:  Twylla McQuaid - Otti



 HP:  Kaeleigh Farrington - Holly Cash Heat

Reserve: Whitney Hazlett - Princess


4D:  3-way tie for HP

 Taylor Walters - Hot Steppin Lacy

Vern Hopkins - Cross Bar 7608

Kaeleigh Farrington - Holly Cash Heat



 HP:  Kaeleigh Farrington - Holly Cash Heat

Reserve:  Jessie Gowanlock - Sweet on Jazz


Most improved Rider/Horse:

 Ashley Gardiner - Juno Jacks Back (Tom)


Horse with Most Heart:

 Reese Bakker-Hopkins - Diana - 35 years old pony


Pee Wee Division

 Lacie Firth:  HP for Poles, Dash, Flag & Key Hole     Reserve :  Stake & Barrels

 Kya LaFreniere:  HP for Stake & Barrels      Reserve:  Poles, Dash, Flag & Key Hole


Youth Division

Kaeleigh Farrington:  HP for Stake, Poles, Barrels & Flag    Reserve: for Dash & Key Hole

 Tamara Steeves:  HP for Dash & Key Hole      Reserve: Stake, Poles, Barrels & Flag


Green Horse Division

 Arista Lyman:  HP for Stake, Poles, Barrels & Dash 

 Ashley Gardiner:  Reserve for Stake, Poles, Barrels & Dash

 Crista Farrington:  HP for Flag and Key Hole


Jack Benny Division

 Lori Howard:  HP for Poles    Reserve for Stake & Barrels

 Doreen Clydesdale:  HP for Stake, Dash & Key Hole

Janet Fazackerley:  HP for Barrels     Reserve for Poles & Dash



Sarah Winfield:  HP for Stake, Poles, Barrels & Dash

Madison King:  Reserve for Stake, Poles & Barrels

Kaeleigh Farrington:  HP for Flag & Key Hole      Reserve for Dash

Monique Bakker:  Reserve for Flag

 Whitney Hazlett: Reserve for Key Hole



 Kaeleigh Farrington:  HP for Stake & Barrels

 Whitney Hazlett;  HP for Poles, Dash & Flag      Reserve for Stake

 Twylla McQuaid:  HP for Poles         Reserve for Dash

 Sarah Winfield:  Reserve for Poles

 Jennifer Clydesdale:  Reserve for Barrels



 Kaeleigh Farrington:  HP for Stake & Poles

 Whitney Hazlett:  HP for Flag     Reserve for Poles & Barrels

 Monique Bakker:  Reserve for Pole

Twylla McQuaid:  HP for Barrels



Twylla McQuaid:  HP for Poles

 Kaeleigh Farrington:  HP for Poles

 Whitney Hazlett:  HP for Flag



 Kaeleigh Farrington:  HP for Poles & Flag     Reserve for Barrels

 Jessie Gowanlock:  HP for Barrels






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