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This page will be designated for information specifically directed to our Youth members.


Karin Firth is the club's 2018 Youth Advisor and she is very anxious to work with youth members. Our Youth Representatives for 2018 are:


                      Kaeleigh Farrington          Lacie Firth


INITIATIVES FOR 2017 were...


  1. Create a team to participate in the OSCYTT (Ontario Saddle Club Youth Team Tournament) Paris, August 2017-( Team of 12)Team members must have shown in one of NRR sponsored shows (fun or speed) to qualify. Nancy will keep track of Youths’ attendance at shows.Fundraising endeavours will be tackled to help support the OSCYTT team ( eg. trail ride)
  2. Youth of the Month / Year Awards- Monthly Awards will be based on individual’s sportsmanship, skill improvement, commitment to club, participation, enthusiasm etc.
  3. Youth Meet and Greet- - details to be confirmed next month
  4. Buddy System- Leadliners buddying up with Pee Wee or Youth- a support system which will encourage friendships, healthy competitive spirit . Details to be confirmed
  1. North Bay Youth Tournament- May 2018… The 2017 OSCYTT Team would be the ready made team for this event.



Youth of the Month for 2017 NRR Show Season
May                      Lacie Firth
June                      Chloe Telford
July                       Amanda Myers
August                  Addison Kent
September          Reece Hopkins
October               Sadie MacPhail



Congratulations to Chloe Telford for receiving this award. Pictured here is Chloe's horse , Apple, and Youth Representative Kaeleigh Farrington holding Chloe's certificate.



Congratulations to Lacie Firth on her being chosen NRR Youth of the Month.

She was awarded this honour for her Sportsmanship. 




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