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YOUTH OF THE MONTH     April  ,2022


My name is Rachel Cameron and I am fourteen years old. I have always had an interest in horses but didn’t start riding until four summers ago when it all began with a simple trail ride. My parents have a friend, Tracey, who owns an older mare who helped me to start my journey with horses. At her place I began learning a few patterns and found that I loved it. Tracey brought me to my very first show which was at North River Riders and I rode Cowgirl. Anyone who was there could tell you we took things slow, very slow. But eventually we got out to more shows and we started to grow more confident as a team. After two years with Cowgirl it was time for her to retire and an opportunity for me to have my own horse was presented. Her is name is Sophie (aka Peppys Little D Bar) and she is also one of the sweetest horses you can find. She has some attitude too, but we are improving every second we spend working together. Our summers are busy, packed with many horse shows at North River Riders, Turn N Burn, and NBHA. This is only my fifth summer with horses and I can’t wait for so many more! Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and made this possible!



YOUTH OF THE MONTH     March  ,2022





Hi, I’m Chloe Telford. I am 14. Last year I talked to my mom about getting a project horse. She convinced me to get Goouch from her best friend who had raced him at Ajax Downs. His race name is Its Pay Day. Since he stopped racing he had only been used for some trail riding. I like to go fast and so does he. Over the last year we have done some jumping for fun and a couple of clinics. Done lots of trail riding and shown western games at NRR and Turn N Burn. These shows are close to home and since Goouch raced before we can get money through the Quarter Horse Incentive based on how we do. I have been part of NRR most of my life and have rode lots of different horses there. I started in leadline and now I show in youth. I am hoping there is a youth tournament so we can go this year and show with other youth from NRR. We might not be the fastest team but we have fun together. Goouch is my heart horse and my best friend. I love to hang out with him and fuss over him. I think he likes it too.



YOUTH OF THE MONTH February ,2022



YOUTH OF THE MONTH  January 2022


Hi, I am Abby Wood and I am almost 13. My grandma got me started riding when I was just 2 years old. Before I could walk she would sit me up on their backs while they ate. That's what started my love of horses. When I was 2 we got my first ponies TC and Rocket. TC was my starter. I started learning to ride on her and when I was 4 I started riding her in the Oro Fair and lead line with NRR. I rode with TC until I was 9 and then she moved to help another little girl get started and I moved on to my horse Sweetie. I have been riding English since then and have been taking lessons at different barns. I also owned a pair of haflingers that are now my uncle’s. I am not afraid to get on any horse and have a true love for them. This year I decided I would back into the western games with my Gramma and I have rejoined NRR. While I don’t have Sweetie any longer, I’m looking for a new horse to ride and hope to get out to as many shows as I can this summer. I look forward to seeing everyone at ODAS in May for the first show

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