The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society in cooperation with North River Riders will be recognizing the Standardbred competitors this year. If you ride a standardbred with the club be sure to let us know! info.northriverriders@gmail.com



Two members , Abby Wood and Steph Attridge , participated in shows on their Standardbred mounts and were recognized by the SAS Society.


Steph Attridge shares....."Proud to be recognized by North River Riders and SAS as 1 of only 2 riders who represented Standardbred breed this year
At 20 years old he was saddled for the first time, now going into his 23rd year he still has the heart of a 12 year old

 So proud of my guy for everything he accomplished this year - trailriding, jumping, parade participation, multi day camping trips and western games speed events".





Abby Wood shares that Nico is 22 years young and has a big beautiful heart.  Nico loves to work and does move smoothly through gait transitions.  Nico has had many owners and is now settled in her new home. The club looks forward to seeing more of Abby and Nico as their partnership grows. 




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